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FSUIPC 5 and P3dV4 - Not Saving Aircraft Profile

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I am using the current version of FSUIPC5 (j version) with P3dV4 with the HF.  When I create profile for an aircraft I expect to see it in the "Profile" folder within Modules.  However, it is not there.  I believe this has been happening across all the FSUIPC5 versions, at least for me.  Has something changed as to where the profiles are stored or have I gotten the configuration missed up?  Everything works great, I just can't find the aircraft profiles.  By the way, the profiles that I had created with FSUIPC4 are present in the FSUIPC5 modules/profiles folder.




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Oh.  So, this is like it was several versions ago?  I'll look there.  

no not at all. Separate files are available since FSUIPC4934 (April/ May 2014). The Documents folder in Modules folder is very helpful, there you will find the file 

Profiles in Separate Files.pdf

it describes itself.


Profiles in Separate Files
With effect from version 4.934a of FSUIPC4, it is possible to have Profile data separated from the main FSUIPC4
INI file into separate INI files, one for each Profile.


Automatic conversion of existing profiles in FSUIPC4.INI
If you wish (and it is recommended), you can let FSUIPC do the work of editing out the profile sections, even
creating the Profiles folder and placing the files there correctly.
To do this:
1. Make sure there is no subfolder called "Profiles" already in the Modules folder.
2. Change the "UseProfiles=Yes" parameter in the main INI to "UseProfiles=Files"
3. Run FS. The conversion will be automatic.


Just check that file for more information.


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