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Incorrect Gate Allocations

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Anyone else seeing this in Prepar3D V4?  About half the time in the simulator, I notice an arrival getting a parking gate at touchdown, and that changes to a different gate shortly after.  It's hard to see in STB as that only reports the initial gate allocation, but you can see it in traffic toolbox and by listening to the ground ATC.  Here's the exact scenario:

1) AI lands and changes to start "Taxi-in".  Over simconnect for STB and in Traffic Toolbox (TT), I see the gate allocation.

2) AI exits the runway and calls ground for "taxi to gate/parking".

3) Ground controller reads out the gate allocation which is sometimes different to step 1.

4) AI reads back, and at that point the gate changes on TT.

This probably shouldn't be happening, and I checked Prepar3D V3 and do not see it  there.  Before I go any further, anyone else seeing this?  In case it is helpful, I've including an add-on configuration file to Traffic Toolbox.  You'll need to update the path according to your own PC.



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6 hours ago, XAL said:

I am having the issue as described running P3Dv3 UTLive and STB

Thanks for the info.  I'll add it to the list of items to investigate.  It may be possible to subscribe to gate updates in the simulator and update STB if and when it changes (which I don't like to do, but this bug will not be fixed in the simulator).


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