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On 4/3/2021 at 4:07 AM, NMaggio said:

Are we to assume the pilot speech worked at one time? If so, here are some general things I have done to resolve the same problem. They might do the trick if the speech stopped working.

Run a cleaning program like  CC (Crap Cleaner)

Do a defrag on your hard drive.

Lower the graphics settings to 1282X768

Do a complete shutdown and reboot.

Again, these actions are what I did to resolve the same speech issue assuming it worked at one time. I know it sounds simplistic, but they  worked for me. 

Good luck,




Hi, no the pilot speech never worked before. I am just trying to get started.

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On 4/2/2021 at 11:22 PM, scoobflight said:

are you running the game as administrator?

have you confirmed that all your computer sound settings are allowing the game to send sound?  check you system settings and sub-panels.

Yes, I have full Admin rights.

Re sound I hear the music when entering the Tower 3D! main menu and I also hear the enviornment background (seagulls, vehicels) but I just dont hear pilots speaking.

Here are some screenshots of my sound settings. I didnt find any place where I could manage sound settings specifically for Tower 3D.  On "Speech" settings I detected something interesting though. I read in other posts that it is recommended to use the voice "Microsoft Zira", however I hear noting when I select "Preview voice" whereas I do hear a voice using "Microsoft George" and some others. Unfortunately I still dont hear any pilots regardless of the voice I am selecting...

So, problem still not resolved for me. Appreciate any further ideas on this.


Settings 2021-04-04 11.26.21.png

Settings 2021-04-04 11.25.56.png

Settings 2021-04-04 11.27.47.png

Settings 2021-04-04 11.26.53.png

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2 hours ago, Janosh said:

I read in other posts that it is recommended to use the voice "Microsoft Zira", however I hear noting when I select "Preview voice" whereas I do hear a voice using "Microsoft George" and some others.

The SpeechSythesizer class uses the voices David and/or Mark (not quite sure) and Zira by default. If you can't hear a preview, you won't be able to hear the voices in the game. If this is not a settings issue or the voices are blocked by other processes, then it is likely that there is a problem with either the Speech SDK, .NET Framework (or Core) or the English US language pack itself. I would first check if uninstalling and then re-downloading and re-installing the complete language package fixes the problem. If this is not the case, the developer would have to get back to you to further isolate the problem or recommend which e.g. .NET package to (re)install.

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Hi there,

I managed to get the voice preview working for Zira, David and Mark voices.

I unistalled and reinstalled English US lanugage pack.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Tower 3D! PRO.

I ran the game as administrator.

I rechecked all my sound settings.

But still I dont hear any pilot voices when playing the game. I only hear the environment and airplane sounds.

I am clueless what else to do at this point.

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I got it to work just now!

I just realized that running the game as administrator should be done by right click on the Tower.exe icon!

So now that I got pilots voice working next thing I will figure out is "voice recognition". I may be back with more questions...

Thanks for all your support up to now!



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  • 2 months later...

Hello everyone!

I just bought Tracon!2012 from the website about 30 mins ago and when I load into the sim I get "failed to load grammar" and what ever steps I follow on the forums i cant get speech to work! attached is settings I have followed from previous posts.

Many thanks, 



Speech settings:


Language settings:


In game:





ps: i have set up Speech for Tower!3D pro with no issues


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  • 1 month later...

Hi Everyone,

I've had Tower 3D Pro since like 2016 and I've never been able to use the voice feature because it just wouldn't pick up anything. I thought it was my computer issue but even after I got my new computer, I still had this issue. I've tried literally everything to fix this issue but nothing worked. Today I accidentally found a solution to this issue and I hope this help out those who are still having this issue.

Before you start the game, go to your sound settings and change your output source. (Yes output, not input.) I have portable speakers so I changed into that.

Then launch the game. (I started as administrator, IDK if it matters.)

Then start the game with whatever airport you want to do.

Once the game is fully loaded and you hear the push-back request from the first aircraft, go back to your sound settings and change your output source back to your headset.

Here is a YouTube tutorial I did if you need some visuals... Hope it works for you.



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