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FSUIPC5 Autosaves Disappearing and disappearing out of Addons Menu

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I own a registered copy of FSUIPC5, version 5.103 in P3D V4. This issue occurred in the PMDG 777.

FSUIPC5 disappeared out of the addons list about 4 hours in I started P3D, and when I look in the Prepar3D v4 Files, where the Autosave files are normally placed by the sim, none are there. The sim did not crash and I continued the flight as normal.


FSUIPC5 Disappears: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1van8ekhbnwldn/fsuipc.png?dl=0

Autosave files have vanished: https://www.dropbox.com/s/spurmfvftglpiz7/Autosave.png?dl=0

My FSUIPC5.log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxnmohykt4mimp6/FSUIPC5.log?dl=0

Thank you :)


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2 hours ago, SymC-NeurO said:

FSUIPC5 disappeared out of the addons list about 4 hours in I started P3D

Check the FSUIPC5.LOG file (in the Modules folder). That will happen if FSUIPC stops receiving data from SimConnect. It isn't "disappearing", but failing to get the menu entry re-added when attempting to re-connect.

This is sometimes a sign of SimConnect overload, though it seems odd that this would not occur for 4 hours of a session. Would there be anything particularly intensive happening then?

Looking at your log, this error is occurring every 30 seconds:

   309125 **** No SimConnect events or states being received! Re-connecting now  ****

It looks like you are using AutoSave with a time of 30 seconds.

With PMDG aircraft the Sim freezes whilst they collect data from all of the aircraft systems so they can save their own files. FSUIPC merely calls SimConnect to get the main Flight file saved. It does nothing more itself. The damage is done by the PMDG method of saving everything esle.

A fix consisting of a much longer timeout was implemented some time ago to fix this, and it is included in the currently supported version of FSUIPC, 5.11. You are out of date and using an unsupported version.

Please ALWAYS check that you are using the current version before reporting problems. It can save both of us time and trouble. You can also keep in touch with interim updates, such as the earlier one with this fix in it, by checking the Download Links subforum above. 

Autosave files don't "vanish", but the oldest is deleted everytime a new one is saved. So if, so instance, the SimConnect failure occurrred 10 times and you are saving a cycle of 10 files, and each Simconnect failure stopped the new file from saving ... well the result would be what you see.

Generally I'd advise against using any form of Autosave with PMDG aircraft. I don'ty know how folks put up with the noticeable freezes in the sim. It must surely spoil the ilusion of reality?



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Hi Pete, thanks for the fast response.

I have updated FSUIPC and am doing a long flight now to test it.

I have now switched the auto-save to every 300 seconds with 3 files being saved. I also excluded the Modules folder in the main Prepar3d V4 directory from Windows Defender.

The only reason why I bought FSUIPC was to use the auto-save function, and a brief pause every 5 mins doesn't really effect that.  

I'll report back the results




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