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You guys are getting soft on FeelThere. It has been over two months, that's like 62 days since KATL has been released and nobody is jumping up and down about the release of KLAS? I think you people are being way too nice to Vic and company, sure they had their little vacation and their crystal anniversary, but:where_beef.jpg.0a81fc22bccc57a2d8f58e3d7faecc75.jpg

And what about those airports from SimSmith and Nyerges?

So much for that "internal tool that will allow us to release airports more often".

Hey, somebody has to crack the whip around here, summer's almost over and pretty soon the snow will be flying so I won't be spending all my time outside anymore and I'll be needing something to keep myself occupied.

Who says sarcasm never gets you anywhere.
As always XXXOOOXXX (hugs and kisses),


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I'm the embarrassment of this forum, not worthy to reply....

Please accept my sincere apology and let me give you an update; KLAS is in it's second round of it's beta and expected to be released later of this month or perhaps early September. 
KBOS is in the pipeline we are preparing it for beta in September. Gabor is working on RT and RC for KLAS as well as on KPHX. Unofficially I expect it to be out in October.

The plan from September is a release a month. I really hope that among the 3 companies we can keep it.


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OK guys, nice to see more airports coming online, but what about us in the down-under land of Australia. What about Sydney (YSSY). Lots of movements and operators. Interesting airport for parallel runway ops with cross runway sim ops at same time. It would probably be upside down to you guys.though. (Only Joking).

Keep up the good work.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record(for you young little brats: a record is what real music was released on) : Stop trying to move the team away from EHAM as we all know that that is the airport everyone has been waiting for since the first announcement of Tower!3DPro...

You can have your little grass strip weekend usage only teeny weeny airstrips after the worlds main hub has seen the light of day ;)




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