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FSC & Google Earth Pro (answered)


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I've read that FSC does not work with Google Earth Pro which is what I have on my system.  I've tried to install "regular" Google earth and it doesn't appear to be available any longer.  Any plans to make FSC work with Google Earth Pro?

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The FlightSim Commander must never be installed under C: \ Program Files (x86).
GE Pro does not have any access to this folder. This is also the statement of the error message.

You will also find this information in the FSC subfolder /Docs:

Please read: Vista and Windows 7_8_10 users please read.pdf


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I cannot get Google Earth Pro to connect to FSC 10.6 My Google Earth Pro is installed in Program Files (x86)  I have tried to delete it and install it in

a directory other than Program Files (x86).  Would changing directory make a difference? Jim

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Two things are crucial.
Which version and build of GE was installed? (There are x version / builds) ***.
The installation path for GE cannot be selected.
In the FSCommander menu -> Options -> Online -> Folder Google Earth (depending on the version)
either the main folder Google Earth or the sub-folder client must be selected.


*** Currently I have installed:
Google Earth -> (32-bit) (not a Pro version)
Build date -> 1/17/2017

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Hello Volker,

  Thank you for your reply. I uninstalled Google Earth Pro and  installed Google Earth 7.1.8. 3036  I have FSC 10.6. It was working a month ago , then quit loading and

I have had to start this whole  process over again.  Not working  now.

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Hello Jim,
The main question is, what was changed after it worked flawlessly last month?
Since the FSCommander has no artificial intelligence,
it cannot make any changes independently.

Are you sure that both programs (FSC & GE) run as administrator?
See screenshot (sorry German WIn10 version)




Admin setting.jpg

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I have FSC 10.6 abd went back  to the old Google Earth and it did not connect. I uninstalled it and installed Google Earth Pro. Now I no longer get the red airplane and helicopter symbols, but when I  try to check the GPS "Show position in Google Earth" box I get a pop up  window with this message,                    "

Run-time error ‘462’:

The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable


     In addition, when I position the plane at airports other than EGLL, it only shows the plane, and not the airport.  No runways, taxiways, aprons, or anything.

                   Any advice would be helpful. Sincerely,  Jim French


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Hello Jim,

Unfortunately I cannot verify your problem.
In this context I also have a problem with your incomplete answers to my post.

my post
Posted Thursday at 05:33 PM

No answer and/or screenshots whether the options were used correctly

Posted Saturday at 06:29 AM
No answer whether the settings regarding the administrator were followed.

Instead, a new installation was carried out with a subsequent message Run-time error ‘462’:
that I have never seen in 25 years of FlightSimCommander.


I have FSC 10.6. It was working a month ago

I also miss an answer to my question "what has changed since it last worked properly"

I need a little more cooperation, so I think we should start again from scratch

Please read and answer this announcement first.

Then please send me the complete subfolder /SUPPORT of FSCommander as a ZIP file via e-email.

You can find my e-mail address here.



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