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Ai View & Follow Greyed Out

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After a long spell away from FSX, I decided to put some AI aircraft in, I have a mix of WOAI and some of my own.

I already had my copy of STB and re-installed it, (V 3.2.17) It worked fine when first installed, now all of a sudden when I right click on any aircraft to view, follow etc it is greyed out.
If I click to fly now I can select it but when I'm at the airport there is no other AI aircraft, I've played with the settings but the more things I tried the worse it seemed to get.
I have the FlyingW invisible aircraft selected as well.
I even tried installing AIRound, that found the aircraft I selected to fly now plus it found a couple of arrival aircraft, my main concern is getting STB working as it did when I first installed it, I have also tried to do a fresh restart where it finds runways etc but that did nothing.

I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, running FSX Gold with SP1 & 2, I don't have Traffic Tools working either, I did try but I think because I have FSX on a spare drive in its own folder the path may be wrong, I don't know, the thing is STB was working now it isn't.

Any help appreciated



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I found the answer to my own post, after numerous tries of this and that, it struck me.
There was one aircraft that kept showing up where the rest didn't, it was one of the ones I put in, but I must have forgotten to convert the flight plan, it was still in FS9 mode and it killed off all the FSX plans.

Once I converted it the rest showed up, my own fault but it was a lesson learned lol.

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Understood.  The symptoms you described on STB occur when flights expected to happen in the simulator but do not have AI aircraft at this point in time.


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