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SuperTrafficBoard V3.4.1.2 Update for Prepar3D-V3

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In amongst all the work for Prepar3D-V4, I made the time to release the latest update for Prepar3D-V3.  For the STB client, the update can be found at:



And the STB Data Server for those of you running STB and Prepar3D-V3 on separate computers is here (both an update for existing installations and a standalone installer):



Summary of changes in V3.4.1.2:

·         Don't append "Scenery" to a scenery library path if it already ends with "scenery".  Flight Plan Complier Bug fix:

·         Such warnings are only generated by FSX simulators.  Disable message about simulator security warning the first time an exe or dll is executed for Prepar3D based simulators.

·         Remove redundant switch back to user cockpit action when an AI subject to an extended view ai camera is deleted;

·         Added Help link for finding the STB-DS computer name during the remote connection wizard;

·         Improved text in remote configuration wizard;

·         Added STB Client Computer Name to statistics tab of settings notebook;

·         Checked a value for simulator computer name has been entered before allowing the user to continue through the remote connection wizard;

·         Deleting extended view AI cameras and observers through SimConnect when the API is closing can crash STB; 

·         Disable the Follow/Shadow AI View control when the Extended AI Camera Facility is disabled; 

·         Reset the Follow/Shadow AI View to "View AI" when the Extended AI Camera facility is disabled in settings notebook. 

·         Make Runways Utility V4.8.2.0;

·         Limited support for Flight1 UTLive: Ability to select logos, airlines and aircraft definitins for UTLive (shared option with UT2);


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7 hours ago, Ray Proudfoot said:

The link to the Data Server is returning 404 - not found.

Thank you - I've fixed the link

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