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Tower 3d Pro Penalty Points and something else


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Dear Ladies and Gentleman,


I have a Problem with the Penalty Points. I don´t know the reasons for penalty points. I get everytime 50 Points for waiting per Aircraft. I don´t know why. 
In my opinion I have to operate as safe as possible and if it is not safe to approve the pb I get penalty points. Did somebody find out how long the a/c would like to wait before I will be dinged ?

Another time in KATL I observed that some aircraft are not on the Radar and did not call me but call for a go around. Sometimes I haven´t got a strip for this a/c.

Maybe you know this behavior. 

I would like to know for which actions I get points and what are the reason for penalty Points. In Tower 2011 I get points if I work on a Airport without any Problem for different times I get different points. Is it here too ?

A answer would be very appreciated.





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It almost sounds like you're playing the sim at 16X speed. I've never gotten the 50 point penalty for waiting too long and I feel like I have let planes sit for quite a while during busy times. The 16x issue could also be the problem with your go arounds too. I can't explain not showing up on the strip. Maybe you have a bad install and/or need to upgrade to the most current versions.

The manual for Pro mentions nothing about points however through gameplay it appears you get +10 points for a successful departure/arrival, -100 for failure to contact departure, -500 for an incursion or lack of separation, and I guess -50 for waiting too long to pushback, etc.

Personally, I don't let the points influence my enjoyment of the sim one way or the other. Some of the time they are my fault and other times they are due to something quirky with the sim.


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Planes waiting longer than 15 minutes to pushback after they annouce they are ready or to taxi to the terminal after landing will post a 50 point penalty. As in real life, you can tell a plane to pushback to stop the timer and conform to departure schedules, then tell the plane to hold indefinitely, but in this sim the passengers do not get angry.

Perhaps you are not zoomed out enough (or zoomed in too close) on the DBRITE (radar).  When the DBRITE is selected, use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  The Arrival/Departure window will also scroll up and down with the mouse scroll wheel when selected.

I'm with Craig, it is not the score that counts, it is the adventure.


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