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Would like to know is it possible to use autosave only when I am above a certain altitude. In my experience, autosave kicks in when I am just 50 ft above ground. The sim freezes as usual and result in a hard landing... Apart from checking and unchecking the autosave box all the time from the FSUIPC menu, is there other possible solutions? 



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5 hours ago, Terence Pang said:

Apart from checking and unchecking the autosave box all the time from the FSUIPC menu, is there other possible solutions? 

You could do it using a Lua-plug which uses an event.timer for the required number of seconds and then checks the AGL before using the appropriate offsets to save a flight.

Really, though, if you are getting pauses (presumably because you are using a PMDG or similarly compex aircraft which freeze the sim?) I'd recommend turning autosave off. Save flights now and then manually if you think your system is liable to crash. You don't need to go into menus, just press ; and enter a name. That's effectively all autosave is doing. And surely it is far better to suffer a pause knowingly, at a time of your choosing, that one imposed on you whilst you are busy flying?

I could actually very easily add a HotKey assignment you could use to make FSUIPC do a Save, in the same way as Autosave but not timer based.  To me that would seem to be far preferable.

I've not used Autosave for years, not since sims became reliable enough not to keep crashing. That's the real solution.



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I have added a new control to toggle the auto-save facility on/off. Using this, you should be able to write a lua script to turn auto-save off/on when required, for example on gear down/up, or on altitude.

The new dll for this has been posted in this topic: 



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