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Can some of you seasoned veterans give me a hand with how to handle higher winds?  I was playing in Philly late at night (Philly time was between 11 and midnight when I started playing, so I went for Philly at 11PM).  Anyway, I have been playing with random wind and I had a few wind issues.  I'd like to know how to normally handle them.  I had one plane tell me that the tailwind was too high, so it couldn't use runway 17, so I sent it to 9L to take off.  Then being late and having few flights, I would jump the speed to 16x when I didn't have a plane on the ground.  Next thing I know, my landing plane says the crosswind is too high and it's flying around and I lost 500 points for an unhandled plane.

Is there a good reference for how to deal with the wind?  I know some airports only have 1 runway, and if the wind doesn't allow it due to tailwinds, do they just take off the opposite direction or are they stuck?  (I haven't tried having one take off into the wind.)

Thanks for all of your (anticipated) assistance.

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they like to land and take off into wind, you cant tell the wind direction before starting the game so it may be required to change the active runway for arrivals once the game has started, i think 10 knots or more of wind in the wrong direction tail or cross and the a/c will go around, as in really life...

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