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Just bought KATL and it's not working

Dana Rippey

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I have had Tower3D pro for a while now and been playing the original 3 airports only.  Decided to branch out today and buy another add-on Real traffic and KATL airport.  I downloaded both and installed both.  Went into the game as admin as usual, but it's not showing KATL as an accessible airport and I've run the installation twice.  I haven't verified if real traffic is working yet.  This is not KATL real traffic.  It was just the Real Traffic for Pro at $9.99 or something like that.  Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong would be helpful, thanks!  Info, this is the version bought through ATC Suite and not the steam.

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So I went back and tried to reinstall it so I could see where it was going.  It was going to ProgramFiles(x86)\FeelThere\Tower3D\Extensions\Airfields

I purchased Tower3D before Pro version ever came out and upgraded when Pro became available.  So I went back and redirected it to go to ProgramFiles(x86)\Feelthere\Tower3DPro\Extensions\Airfields

However, whenever I go into the game, it is not showing as playable, just the "click on the banner for more info" which takes you to the site to purchase the game again.

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The airports and Real Traffic need to be installed in the Tower root folder. The path Ricky mentions above is correct (i.e., do not install the add-on in the Airfields folder). 

Also FYI, there is only one Real Traffic.As new airports are released and you purchase them, you'll want to re-download the latest service pack (currently SP5) using your original email and links. 

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