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STB and add-on sceneries

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Hi guys

I have Super Traffic board on my computer and currently use FSX. I find that when im at my addon scenery, FSDT New York JFK V2 and i ask STB to FOLLOW a particular AI aircraft, the scenery terminal buildings disappear?! This does not happen when i VIEW or CHASE an AI aircraft, just FOLLOW. Is this an issue with STB or the FSDT scenery? I also have other payware addon sceneries, Flytampa, aerosoft and it does not happen at those airports.

Any help would be much appreciated



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I think this is the way FSDT works in relation to the user aircraft.  One of their utilities (Coualt?) listens to the simulator for the position of the user aircraft and draws their scenery when it is close by.  Normally this is fine, and more suppliers are using this kind of approach to add capability not normally found in the simulator.  However when using Follow AI there can be a problem, as STB positions the user aircraft some distance behind the selected AI to keep it out of the main view.  I can easily imagine this is too far away for the FSDT scenery to be drawn.

You might consider "Shadow AI" instead of Follow along with the invisible aircraft, depending on the simulator you are using.


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