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Multiple Assignments to a Button and Profiles

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Hi Pete,

If under the General button area of FSUIPC.ini I assign three functions (gear down and two Lua scripts) to button 19 as shown below, all works well.

450=PY,19,C66080,0     -{GEAR_DOWN}-
451=PY,19,CL95:R,0     -{Lua Landing_Params}-
452=PY,19,CL52:R,0     -{Lua AppchAltCalls}-

However, if I make one of the Lua script assignments Profile Specific to aircraft A by moving it from the General area to aircraft A's button assignment area, only that script works for aircraft A, the two remaining button 19 functions under the General button area no longer work for aircraft A. I assume this is because in some sense I have made button 19 itself profile specific to aircraft A rather than just the associated Lua script. 

Do you see anything I can do to resolve this issue?



FSX, FSUIPC 4.971, Win10

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with a profile specific you don't want genral functions belonging to all other AC for the specific AC but that's what you try to do. To have the other both functions to the same button for the specific AC you need to have them as well in the specific profile section of that AC.

By using specific profiles assignments done in it forces assignments of the same button / axis / key in general section to be ignored, that is the whole idea behind it. If your setup would work as you expect then the specific profile would be senseless and not functional.


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I think I understand now. If I have three functions assigned to one button or key and want two of them to be general and one profile specific, I just need to put the two general function assignments in the General section of the FSUIPC ini file, and put all three function assignments in the a/c profile specific section of the FSUIPC ini file.

Thanks for the help Thomas.


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