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Charles Abela

RESETTING FLAG Coding Problem.

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Tried for long time but no luck.  Need help with a line of code to reset a flag on the X52 PRO PINKIE BUTTON to Off.

Background. X52 Pro. Running VRS Superbug/Tacpack.

  1. Button “C” on the stick.  It moves the TDC to the left DDI.  Uncages.  It sets the target. It designates.  All works fine. (See Lines 39  40  41)

  2. If I want to un-designate immediately or at a later stage, I want to use the same button, “C”, first by pressing the PINKIE, then Button “C” again. (see Line 42) Works fine up to here. 

  3. But I want to reset the Flag to be able to go to the target designations again if I need to without remembering to reset the Flag to “Clear” OFF by pressing the PINKIE. This instruction does not work!!!!!!

  4. I have one joystick which is “0”.   256 * 0 + 5 = 5.   ??


99=;#Code BELOW: TDC to RDDI, Uncage, Designate and Undesignate

39=P0,4,K39,10   -{Key press: ctl+Right}-

40=P0,4,K85,10 ; Uncage -{Key press: ctl+U}-

41=P0,4,K13,8     -{Key press: Rtn}-

42=CP(F+0,5)0,4,K46,9 ; Un-Designate         -{Key press: shft+Del}-

43=P0,5,C1004,5 ; Set Flag to OFF   ?????????????????????????????????????



Thank you

Charles Abela


SPECS: Win 7 Premium - 64 BIT, Intel i7 5820, 16G Ram, NVIDIA GTX 970, Monitor 1920 x 1080 x 16.

VRS Superbug + Tacpack.    EZDOK.    FSUIPC4 Paid Version.  X52 PRO.  FSX Acceleration.

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