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No planes for hours in Tower!3D Pro No reaction on HOLD POSITION!


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Hi there! I have a problem with St. Thomas Airport in Tower!3D Pro I have no more traffic for hours! Is that normal? From the beginning (2pm) till 3pm normal traffic but after that (now 6pm) nothing..

The newest i found, that the planes does not react on HOLD POSITION also they have readback it!. Please help!

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Just took a glance at the arrival flights in today (using FlightAware) at that airport and only found 18 arrivals from 0800 to 1500.  2+ arrivals per hour is pretty slow.  I guess that is why I never run that airport in Tower3D.  Departures seemed about the same.  

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On 10/13/2017 at 11:40 PM, blipadouzi -- Jim D. said:

Think of TIST as a tutorial airport.  It has very minimal functionality.  In the past, whenever someone has asked a similar question to yours, the developer's response has been, buy the Atlanta or JFK add-on for more features.

I don't recall ever saying that.
TIST is a fully functional airport but with a limited traffic (just like in the real world) as the other 2 included (KPHL and KLAX) are. KJFK, KSAN, KLAS and the other airports are available for purchase but not required to unlock any feature of the standard, basic version.


DO you have the other commands working? Based on your other posts looks like you have some issue with voice recognition. Can you please tell us about your system?

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