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Two commands sent on Button click

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Hi there
Often when flying, we tend to team up a few of the guys and talk on Skype while flying on VATSIM. We have need to find a way to mute both mic and sound from Skype, and today we have set a mute mic key combo, but mute sound cannot be the same combo. We have also tried to set the key command for mute sound via a separate mixer, but this program detects that the key combo is already in use in another program.

If we somehow could get FSUIPC to send two separate key commands on a single button click, this would solve our problem.

We today use the key combo used for PTT vPilot as the Mute Mic combo. This way, when we press PTT we simultaneously mute Skype from sending our voice.

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I'm not clear on how you are getting the key combos to 2 different programs but it is quite easy to generate multiple key combos from one button press in FSUIPC4.

Have you tried editing the INI file to add the 2nd key combo? I often send more than one control/command/key sequence via the same button.

Here is an example of my use of button 14 to send 3 different commands. The first entry was assigned via the FSUIPC4 menu and the 2nd and 3r were added 'by hand', editing the INI file.


22=PD,14,CM6:37,1 ;//SET FIRE EXT. SWITCH TO ENG 1

Myb controller "D" button 14 sends the controls specified in MCRO file 6, lines 5. 30 and 37 with the desired parameters for each. In your case you would make the first assignment via the FSUIPC4 menu and then copy that entry in the INI file and replace the 1st key combo portion with the desired 2nd key combo, pasting it into the INI file.





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