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Delete Old Airlines & Aircraft

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Yes.. You can do it though the 'MyTraffic Flight Plan Editor' aka MyTrafficX.exe.   It's not super intuitive so, taking a glance at the manual first is recommended.

You then have to recompile the flight plans, also done through the editor.

As always, make a backup copy of MTX_V60a.myt if you're going to undertake the task.


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I've done everything according to what I understood the instructions to say, but Monarch airlines still appears!  Is there a possibility someone could help me with a step by step guide pleas?

Thank you

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MyTrafficPro is a very good Addon for FSX/P3D But I do find it very difficult to modify aspects of it such as what is being requested here.

Monarch has gone into receivership and none of their aircraft are flying. It shouldn’t be that difficult for those aircraft and scheduled flights to be removed from the database. Monarch won’t be alone of course. Over time others will disappear and new airlines will come into the picture.

Some detailed guidance on the required steps to make these changes should be part of an FAQ.

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