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Taxi Path Yankee at KBOS missing part #FeelThere


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At KBOS when planes land on 15R and use taxiway Y and then to taxiway N and then hold short of runway 15R.  This is the command given from the tower that I heard on liveATC.com.  The game directs cannot find a path.  When routing it should route below.  It is an odd occurrence that a taxiway extends down a runway but at KBOS this happens for taxiway Y.  My request for DAL808 TAXI TO RAMP VIA Y N A E should route Y to N down runway 15L.  I am just thinking that when this airport was developed taxiway Y was not extended down runway 15L.  I hope that this can be considered in the upcoming patch.  That sharp turn is a about 160 degress and would be hard for some of the larger jets to make.

Also I am seeing some planes doing 360's at the bend in taxiway B near the intersection of runway 15R AND 4L but I am unable to find anything in the output log for this issue.



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I believe it is a limitation of the sim which is not exclusive to BOS; you can't use runways to taxi at any of the airports. It would be nice if a future update would allow taxi along inactive runways.

In reality, it is fairly common for ATC to route aircraft along 15L/33R at BOS; the runway is used almost exclusively as a taxiway. I worked at BOS a while back and I only witnessed two operations on that runway (a 9K C402 and a PC12, both landings). The runway is too short for even a lightly loaded C402 to depart from and the complete lack of safety runoffs makes landing somewhat precarious too. It is also two close to 15R/33L to allow for parallel approaches so it is really only useful for those one-in-million approaches of a small single engine or lightly loaded twin-engine prop that happens to be close to a larger fast moving aircraft on approach to 15R/33L but, not too close to warrant a separation conflict...

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