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Pre-Purchase Questions

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Hello Fabio,

I have some pre-purchase questions:

1) Some sceneries (FSDT) use simconnect to draw opjects, which the default replay camera does not display. FSRecorder use to be a remedy to this issue. Will your product properly display these types of sceneries during playback?

2) For PMDG aircraft, the store page says Flaps, Gear and Spoilers. What about ailerons, rudder, horizontal stabilizer? If not, will these ever be implemented?

Thank you!

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Hi TangoAlpha,

thank you for questions!

1) I never tried FSDT scenery but i can tell you that my replay system it uses a totally different approach than standard flight replay. I dont had no report for this type of issue...

2) PMDG Aircraft i can note that with my last build it works well Flaps, Gears Spoilers, Ailerons rudder, horizontal stabilizer. I cant replay WingFlex but i m trying different solution for that.

FlightControlReplay v4 it is on time for autumn / winter release with a couple of very useful things that i cant announce yet but i can tell you that no one on the market have these :-D.

Stay tuned! 

Thank you


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Hi ! Thank you for your answer! I m starting test it in these days with v3 and with also v4 Beta version. Soon i ll reveal which features i added in v4! ;-)


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