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Frustrated by in game advertising


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While I appreciate the desire to inform your customers about new add-ons, I find it annoying that the game always defaults to one of these adds, instead of the most recent airport played.  This is particularly annoying when exiting a session.  Recently I exited a session with the intent of restarting it to try again, but was instead hit with an add for KLAS, and had to manually reelect the airport I had been playing.  Is there some way to make these adds a bit less aggressive?



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13 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Here is what we plan to fix:
-SPx for Tower!3D Pro addressing the crossing runway approach issue and to make sure only the correct sized airplanes will be assigned to each runway
-SPx for KJFK
-SPx for KATL



Oh... and uh, thanks Vic!


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On 11/23/2017 at 6:11 AM, hartleecub said:

Do we just re-download T3DPro to get  SP3?


Note in the other thread on SP3 that people are seeing that their latest updated install is SP2 after SP3 is completed, Vic is saying to ignore until they can ferret out the little bug(ger).

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