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How to find SimConnect Event ID

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i am working with HID Macros to setup my second keyboard to control directly my gps garmin 530 and autopilot, but i'm having a hard time finding the SimConnect event id. I've search in the list of Event ID on microsoft website https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526980.aspx but for a couple of them I can't find anything that work.


Is there a way to use a software to monitor Event ID in FSX that I can click on the different button and knob, so it show up in the log of that software. After that it's easy to add them to HID Macros with the ID. I am working with the Carenado PC-12

The list of what I can't associate with a simConnect event:

GPS Garmin 530

left knob incr freq: ±1MHz and ±.5/±.25MHz and "PUSH C/V"

".C" PWR VOL push SQ



"TEST" button

"IAS" speed hold button

"HALF BANK" button


Mode control:


____________button __ to show selected altitude/vertical speed

____________knob ___this is use to increase/decrease Vertical speed or altitute of the autopilot


"ENG" VS (Altitude selector VS (on/off))

"ARM" ALT (Altitude selector ARM (on/off))


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