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Sky King

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Keep watching,  FeelThere has a long tradition of rolling out sale items a few at a time.  Their best deals of their Black Friday sale usually happen later in the week.  Occasionally, they have even been known to have one day sales on recent releases or especially popular items.



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Is ATCsuites.com an official website for Feelthere or is it a third party? its confusing as it says ATCsuites by Feelthere.

I saw an add on facebook that said it was sponsored by feelthere. it took me to the above site and has a code of TOWER30 for 30% off the order. 

When you click on the "buy link" it takes you to the same BMT micro Shopping site as when you click "buy" off of feelthere.com.

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25 minutes ago, crbascott said:

Yes, atcsuite.com is a FeelThere site. I haven't run across that ad but I'm curious if it applies to Tower!2011, Tower!3D, Tower!3D! Pro, or everything?

I selected a bunch of stuff from the site and applied the code which worked. 

Have Pro, real schedules, base airport color package,  KLGA, LGA real color, ATL, ATL real color all for $100.31 using the code

The LGA and real schedules are not discounted currently via that code.


I finally broke down and got the game... testing it now! held off on all the packs except for base real colors and scheduled

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Are the sales continuing for Cyber Monday?  The Steam products are still on sale but the prices at feelthere.com still indicate 20-70% off but the prices seem to be regular prices.  I was thinking about trying Tracon! 2012 since it is not on Steam.

Edit:  Example KJFK for Tower!3D Pro is showing $19.99 but 70% off.  19.99 is the regular price.


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