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Dear Folks,

We just released a SP3 for Tower!3D Pro.
What is included:
-now Tower!3D Pro calculates free final slots 10 times more than before. What does it mean? Busy and I mean BUSY approaches on airports with crossing runways (KBOS and KLAS for example)
-now the virtual Tracon will double check airplane sizes and we should see much less wrong sized airplanes on approach to shorter runways
-we found some little issue in the speech engine so we made a slight improvement so Tower!3D Pro should understand you even better when you talk

All existing FeelThere.com and ATCSuite.com customers can re-download the product from the same link they received during purchase. We also updated the sim on Steam so it should be automatically updated. We also roll it out to our 3rd party reseller partners too.

Thank you very much for the feedbacks and reports that helped a lot for making this patch.


Vic & team

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Hi Feel there team...

Took the plunge and ordered Tower 3d Pro today plus real traffic and real colours for the three starter airports earlier today  but have still not received the link to download this. Have chased but still not arrived yet. Is this because of the update today and hence will get this soon?

Purchased this direct from you guys. Real colours and Real traffic links arrived within 15 minutes...Can''t wait to get started!



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22 hours ago, rameus said:

@FeelThere, as far as the Steam version is concerned, will SP3 be installed correctly or do we also need to first remove it and then re-install as should be done with the non-Steam version?

Mine seemed to update just fine and seems to have improved play.  Tempted to remove / reinstall but have not gotten around to it yet and I have noticed the planes behaving better.

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@rameus, right-click the game in the left-side games-list and select Properties. Select the "LOCAL FILES" tab and click on the "VERIFY INTEGRITY OF LOCAL FILES" button. If anything is wrong, that will re-download whatever needs updating.

2017-12-03 10_54_45-Cold Waters - Properties.jpg

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I bought Tower!3D Pro via Steam. According to Steam, the last SP was SP2 back on the 13th of May. In-game, it shows v1.1.324.863 SP2. Can anybody please confirm what the correct version displayed should be if updated to SP3 and how I get SP3 (if not up to date) if purchased via Steam?

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