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Account Login With Purchase History - Tower!3D Pro


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I am unable to locate where I can log in to re-install a add-on as the Real Color for LAX does not seem to have installed properly and I am going to re-install all of my programs for Tower!3D Pro. I just am not able to locate my purchase information with the download links and activation codes. If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it. I must be missing it somewhere on the website or I am not on the right page.

- Thanks

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if you purchased the game from feelThere contact BMTmicro to re-activate your download links -

1-800-414-4268 (USA & Canada)

International call 1-910-792-9100

have your order email and credit card information.  BMT will confirm your purchase history.

once you re-download your product you can burn it to a DVD!  on the DVD include the installer and a notepad (aka, txt) document that includes the product key.

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Is there no login page that shows my activation codes? I have the files saved, however I do not have the activation codes that were provided after checkout. Was this a one time thing that I should have printed out? I am sort of lost on this as typically on most sites you can log in and view past orders along with activation codes and download links.

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No login or central database I'm afraid. The serial is provided in an email you receive after purchase...

I'm not sure if bmtmicro has those records handy but they may be willing to help if you know the accountnumber you paid with and the date you bought the product...

Good luck


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