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no Taxi via commands working


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Hi folks,


I've been using VR on my computer for many years with no issues.  VR softwares that I use without problems include London Control, Voxatc, Tower 2011, Tracon, ATC simulator 2,  Dragon dictation software.  My VR profile has no issues in Tower3D except for the taxi via commands. Even the more complex triple barrel takeoff clearances are no issue.  I'm at my wits end to be honest.  On the verge of asking for a refund.  I can't understand why the commands are not working as speech recognition is able to translate the commands into text correctly on wordpad. 


Anyone have any  ideas?





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Hi Winsaudi,


Thank you for the reply :-) Yes I'm using the right syntax you described in your post.  I'm really starting to believe the issue has some other cause aside from VR.  Even difficult phrases can usually be recognized some of the time but the taxi via commands have never been recognized - not even one time.  Oddly other taxing related instructions work fine.  i.e the exit via taxiway and intersection takeoff instructions never have any problems.  I have completed the items in the VR post but as I said previously I dont believe it is a VR issue since windows 7 can hear what i say and type it correctly in word pad.

Anyone have any ideas?


System is Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

i7 7700k

32gb ram


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