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Flight number is missed

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Hello guys,

Just installed Aeroflot FPs into P3D v4 but STB does not show flight numbers but only IATA codes for departure board for some flights unless they are not finally taxiing to active runway.  

Any suggestions how to resolve that?

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Flight numbers are not as easily available as you may think.  Historically, FSX only publishes them to SimConnect add-ons such as STB when an AI aircraft begins it's departure cycle or is created as an in-flight arrival.  This is something to do with the way FSUIPC works, and SimConnect wanted to behave the same way even though it does not make much sense to me.

To get around this, STB reads AI traffic schedules so we can present flight numbers for flights before they occur.  For this to work, you need to perform "Compile Airport Database" from the menus any time you change or add flight plans to the simulator.



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