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Steam on Big Screen TV


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Just wondering instead of spending money on a computer for home i was wondering if i can get the same quality of performance on my new samsung 85 inch tv that can connect to Internet and use steam account and be able to use wireless keyboard / mouse / headphone via tv blue-tooth.  Has anyone tired this configuration?

Thanks for any input

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Well...to put in perspective ....good computer gaming monitors on average have a response time of 1-4 ms.  Trying to match quality between a large tv and an avg gaming monitor is not exactly easy.   And computer monitors are measured in ms response for Black to white and back to black pixel change.   Tv’s measure how many frames can be displayed per second.   Not sure of the science in matching those but ...I think it speaks clear that most pro gamers do not use TVs anymore these days bc your quality goes way up on computer monitors —games are built on computer monitors not Large TV screens so naturally your better experience is w the comp monitor. Will the game run on a TV...sure.  Will you get the same quality.....maybe?   W a game as slow as tower it may not matter bc you’re not talking a high-FPS game like call of duty or something.  Can’t speak about quality of a computer based site like Steam though since I don’t know their back-end build/design but I’m sure like any other site it’s optomized for your average computer screen size.   That’s just coming from web design background work that optimization rules, and experience/performance changes when you change view area. 

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No that is why i thought why spend $2k for pc if i can get away with the tv and steam, but also i just realized i wont be able to use speech since no microsoft speech recognition software, so i guess i will have to buy a PC, or use my laptop and connect it to the tv and play the game. 

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