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BOS - Aircraft stopping at incorrect hold line


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Aircraft are stopping at the incorrect hold line at the Bravo Hold point (intersection of taxiway B & J). The issue occurs when aircraft land on runway 32 and exit onto taxiway J1 or J. The aircraft should stop at the hold line on taxiway J but instead go through that line and stop at the hold line on taxiway B. In the attached screenshot the JetBlue E90 is seen stopped at the line on taxiway B while the line on taxiway J (the one it should have stopped at) is behind the aircraft.

BOS Bravo Hold Point.jpg


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Yes, this hold point was added after the initial release of BOS. As you can see from the satellite picture below there are two lines. One for aircraft taxing from the terminals on B to the J holding/deice pads and runways 9 & 4R; this is the line the aircraft are stopping at in the sim. The second line is on taxiway J and is for aircraft vacating runway 32 and the pads from J & J1. It looks like the line is in the sim the aircraft are just ignoring it.

It is definitely a minor issue but it could result in a collision if you happen to have multiple aircraft taxing through that area.

BOS B Holds sat.jpg

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