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Heavy penalty bug issued every second

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Can you please fix this penalty spree bug in the current (29/12/2017) Tower3dpro Steam Edition? Exact version available in the screenshot.

I encounterd this penalty spree as you can see in the screenshot, I paused the game took a screenshot and then quit the game because I really do not wish to continue trying to get into a positive score which that huge penalty list. The only way to stop getting the penalty every second was to delete the airplane, but that was already to late because I set the game to 16x speed because it was during a slow traffic hour.

Also, this is the only airport where I have to ensure the airplane category separation?  I've played many hours now on a few different airports,  and it was never required to rearrange in-flight airplanes to the same cleared runway. It is normally only required todo so when you are shifting/changing runways to other ones as requested by the flights themselves.

How should I upload screenshots to prove/indicate the problem/bug when I can only upload 0.02MB?

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  1. The bug has been reported - http://forum.simflight.com/topic/84637-air-collision-alert-for-two-aircraft-behind-each-other/
  2. Personally, I don't worry about the points. I don't have the steam version, but for me the points are irrelevant - except to my ego on occasion. But with all the scenario testing I do, I constantly have a high negative total. The best feature in the sim for me is the reset stats button. ;) 
  3. Separation is not airport specific.
  4. Not sure if it is time based or number of posts based, but eventually your upload limits will increase.
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