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Forget the sliders. I have been using the Tower products since 2011 & have never found them really effective. One good thing about the old Tower 2011 program was that you could amend the airport gates, taxiways etc. but that's another story.

This has been requested to FT for consideration in one of the future SP's

Kev M

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3 hours ago, wsuch said:

Hi kev


Yes i will definently utilise that it was more directed at feel there as consideration for a permanent and easier cleaner solution in the future

Development has stopped on this version of Tower (see my reply to you in another post) , so by the time you would get a cleaner solution you should be well past needing a slider that goes below 50%.

I don't normally recommend this since the data it uses is getting old, but it looks like the Schedule Creator (http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76191-tower-schedule-creator-24-v1-released-includes-cyyz/) might be a viable option for you. You can use it to set the flight volumes as low or high as you want.

Also, at some point you may want to consider multiplayer for more realistic (theoretically, less stressful)  game play.  http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83242-tower_mp-meeting-place-for-the-multiplayer-community/



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thanks Crbascott, you may also know what the deal is with the radar screens not being orientated with the actual airport, this really throws me especially at LAX when I am looking at the radar screens they don't depict what I am actually seeing out the tower windows, so in a sense the radars are reversed to what I am seeing out the tower cab, I don't think that's how it is in the real world but might be wrong, most of the airports in Tower 3D are like that, perhaps its something you get used to once you become more comfortable with the airport and spend less time thinking about commands and just doing




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Your comment  is interesting regarding LAX, because the tower is in the middle and runways are north/south of it. So, when dealing with the north complex I would think the ADIRS and DBRITE would reflect what you see out the window. However, I could see some confusion when you have to swivel and handle the south complex. 

This topic was discussed very heavily in the thread below. The radars have north on top - you'll adapt and get used to it.




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So having read that thread i take away from that that its displayed wrong in tower 3d,  i cant imagine controllers having to keep track of everything reversed as oppossed to the out tge window view example ksan,  it would be a nightmare when busy,  really does need to be a user configurable option, i see videis of people working ksan with 100% traffic just dont know how they do it,  must just be smarter than me lol

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