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KLAX: buggy ground movement and some tweak suggestions


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I purchased Tower3D Pro the other day via Steam and I'm enjoying it  so far.
What bugs me though: some ground movements on KLAX are buggy. This is - in my opinion - unnecessary and should be fixed to improve the user experience and reduce frustration.
Also: some minor tweaks could greatly kick up the realism.

In the situations below, 24L was my departure runway, 25R my arrival runway.

Pushbacks from some gates, especially on the north side, at some gates, pushbacks are very messy. Most of the times, the traffic is pushed facing the wrong side, which is then corrected by pushing the plane 270° more (right through the terminal building) to get it somewhere near its original position, then push it towards the right side. Seems a relative easy bug to solve if you ask me.
I've included part of the logfile, DEN422 is the traffic with the problem in this case.

Also: some departures (not all, I guess coming from specific gates, but I haven't been able to figure that out yet) taxing from S to E do a 360° on the E/S intersection before continuing. Kills a busy ground movement situation, slows down the aircraft and all behind it and thereby messing up the departure sequence planned. Hold positions all around V to prevent crashes.


Traffic vacating the runway is NEVER using the high speed exists, unless you tell them (and the 'runway to short'  bug does not surface).
For landing 25R for example, J, G, M and N are all used frequently, but B4/B5/B6, the high speed exists, are never used. This slows down the traffic extremely and is not realistic.
I've seen the same on other runways and on KPHL. Seems a minor programming tweak to me but a huge difference in realism and gameplay!

Aircraft types: I've seen about 4 now I think. Even with fantasy airlines, it shouldn' t be too hard to variate a little and/or use real planes. Kick in some A330, B737 or LJ45 types and you're basically done. Adds to realism greatly! I myself wouldn't really care if the A321 and B738 look the same on the screen, barely got time to watch out the window while looking at the ground radar, but the tags I do see and need for arrival/departure seperation and realistic aircrafttypes would help a lot.

Some taxiways are not named on the ground radar. On KLAX for example, D9 is not named. It can be used by that name however, for both taxi and hold short instructions. Put those names in there!

Gate numbers/names and assigning aircraft to them is a bit more than a tweak I guess, but would be nice. "Taxi to terminal" and figuring out where exactly the traffic is going is nasty, you'll mostly need a second call to define a taxi route, as on KLAX, sometimes 3 or 4 piers are highlighted and there's no way to know which gate will be assigned.



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