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Question about SID not displayed (answered)

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FSC General information:

1: FSX DL (SP 1+2)
2: FSUIPC4, Version 4.946
3: Network: no
4: FSC and DBM: V9.7 Build 26-July-2017
5: AIRAC Cycle: 1801
6: Aerosoft boxed version V9.0.0.2
7: OS: Win7/64
8: Monitors: 2


Hello Volker,

I have a question about a popular exercise at Madeira Airport (LPMA) and maybe can you clarify this?

It is the well known visual approach and landing on Rwy 05 of LPMA.
To perform a complete rather short flight I have choosen for a departure from Porto Santo (LPPS) Rwy 36 not far from LPMA.


The idea for the route is:
LPPS ABUSU FUN LPMA where FUN till Rwy 05 is the visual approach part


The visual approach and landing itself is not relevant for my question.

My question is about the part of the route from LPPS Rwy 36 till ABUSU.

In FSC, a SID ABUS8N is defined for LPPS Rwy 36 in the SID selection menu, but is not displayed when selected.
Nevertheless in my FMC in the PMDG B737 NGX this SID is also defined and can be selected there.

My question is:
Why is this SID available both in FSC and also in the 737 NGX but can only be selected in the 737 NGX.

I don't say that FSC is wrong, I just want to understand it.
- FSC and PMDG have identical AIRAC cycles

- The STAR SNT4A is available for LPMA and can be selected as such in FSC, which leads from LPPS to ABUSU

Can you please explain this ?

Best regards Fred


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Hello Fred,

LPPS AD 2.24.08 - 
2ABUSU8N Climb straight ahead; above 2500FT QNH turn left to 
intercept and proceed RDL031 FUN DVOR/DME, to Holding ABUSU

Turns and intercepts can not be graphically displayed in the FlightSim Commander.
Just create virtual waypoints.

Kind regards,

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Hi Volker,

Thanks for responding. Yes, I do have that chart and I think I got the clue.

What you are saying is, if I understand you correctly, that although the SID ABUSU8N is drawn on the chart, it has to be flown 'manually' as per route description.

Best regards Fred



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