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Pete Dowson

Missing in FSUIPC5

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What is missing in FSUIPC5?

For Version 5.112

There are still a number of items currently not implemented but which hopefully are to follow in due course (sorry, no dates predictable at present). These are:

1.       Ground friction tables:  For these, if still required, I am dependent on L-M exposing them in a tidy implementation rather than having to hack through 64-bit code and data structures

2.       Display window and Lua displays: in previous versions these were implemented by a very convoluted hack into the sim’s internals. For 64-bit P3D I’m instead dependent upon SimConnect functions. These are extended in P3D compared to FSX, and single line displays will be routed to the default “message window”, as used for general messages and which by default in a bar along the top, while multiline and Lua displays will use the more professional looking titled SimConnect window (though unfortunately the title is SimConnect’s, not programmable). Both types of window can be resized, moved and undocked.

3.       Mouse Macros: I have asked L-M for facilities to allow this to be implemented, hopefully in a much nice fashion than the 32-bit hacks which are really quite crude in their operation. They have implemented a COM style interface outside SimConnect which looks like it will do the job, but it is a big job and I’ll have to make time to implement it for a future release.

4.       SimConnect Text & Menu Interception: Now, as a cockpit user, this is one of the main things I’m interested in. I do NOT like to spoil the view out of the window by having text messages and, worse, menus drawn in the sky or over nearby buildings. The interception facilities in previous versions work reasonably well. The text is moved completely, and the menus moved to a less conspicuous place in a smaller window. Both parts are transmitted to WideClient for display locally, inside the cockpit, on a client PC. I have been pressing L-M hard for a good implementation of this, and they do have some ideas which they have promised to take further. Unfortunately though they are not giving me any timescale.

5.       Control acceleration fix: I’ve really no idea if this is still necessary. Was implemented to prevent controls automatically accelerating (e.g 1 degree to 10 degree changes) even when used slowly if an intervening control occurred which was ‘quicker’ (i.e within the accelerator’s time test). This tended to happen a lot with some of the more sophisticated add-on aircraft (PMDG in particular) which were in the habit of sending FS controls all the time. It was on the list sent to L-M but they are also of the opinion that it isn’t needed. So, if there is still a problem it should be considered a bug in P3D and reported as such.


Published by Peter L Dowson, 15th January 2018, for FSUIPC 5.112 Full Public Release

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