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Connect to FSW locally with simconnect trough FSUIPCClient


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Hello Paul

starting with your 3.0 RC7, could it be possible with a new release (awaiting the ability through FSUIPC 5 future update), to connect locally in a simconnect manner to FSW ?

Tested with a quick local dev app and could not be achieved at the moment, the running FSW is not seen by the client (my app has the ability to check automatically trough FSUIPCClient.Dll if there's a remote or local running Sim)


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Hi Gilles,

My DLL doesn't use simconnect at all. It's only an interface to FSUIPC.

If FSUIPC5 ever becomes compatible with FSW then my DLL will work with that new version of FSUIPC5 without any changes.

If FSUIPC5 is never compatible then my DLL will never be compatible either.

I have no plans to add direct SimConnect features to the DLL. The Flight Sim developers already provide managed .NET libraries for SimConnect.


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Thanks for your answer and to clarify this to me

Could you point me to the way to use in Visual Basic .NET, managed .NET libraries for SimConnect available in :

  • SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSW\sdk\tools\lib\SimConnect.lib
  • SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSW\sdk\tools\include\*.h
  • SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSW\SimConnect.dll

i'm highly interested in building a first tool for FSW

Best Regards


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You should really ask Dovetail (or ask on their support forums if they have any). I don't know anything about FSW.

But, looking at the files you've listed, none of them look like managed libraries. Certainly .lib and .h files are for C or C++.

I can't see anything there that would be any use to .NET programmers.


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Many Thanks Paul

it's been a while that things stay complicated for .Net programming, as mainly, all resources are builded for advanced languages

i will consider if moving to C++, but this would be a long way ...

at least i'm looking for the concept of calling an external library from .Net but if i understand with what is provided, it will be certainly in no way ...

On FSW side the SDK is incomplete at this time (only allowing to build aircrafts and some objects but not sceneries and so on, at least not enough samples for .Net ...)

i will also try to join the support


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