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C# Get correct pitch and bank values


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Hey everybody,

i'm working with the fsuipcclient 3.0 in my c# project. I've some problems with two offsets (pitch and bank). I get the wrong values from fsuipc. i tested it syncron with simconnect. The values from simconnect are correct, fsuipc send wrong values (i think or i made a mistake). I found some solutions in this forum but it doesnt work for me.

Here my code:


private static readonly Offset<double> AirplanePitch = new Offset<double>(0x0578);
private static readonly Offset<double> AirplaneBank = new Offset<double>(0x057C);

And receive the data:

internal static void GetPitchRoll()
     MyAircraft.Pitch = AirplanePitch.Value * 360.0 / (65536.0 * 65536.0);
     MyAircraft.Roll = AirplaneRoll.Value * 360.0 / (65536.0 * 65536.0);


I've got only values between -1.5 deg and  + 1.5 deg. Simconnect send me the correct values from -50deg and + 50deg. Is my calculation wrong?


I've tested it with other types (float, int, long) but the same :(


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These offsets are 4-byte integers so should be declared as 'int'

                Offset<int> playerPitch = new Offset<int>(0x0578);
                Offset<int> playerBank = new Offset<int>(0x057C);

Here's the conversion that I use in the DLL to calculate the pitch/roll in degrees. This works fine.

                snapshot.PitchDegrees = ((double)playerPitch.Value * 360d) / (65536d * 65536d);
                snapshot.BankDegrees = ((double)playerBank.Value * 360d) / (65536d * 65536d);


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