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KSAN San Diego issues


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Hi all,

I want to report 3 issues I've noticed with this airport:

1) Gate Push back OR Taxi to runway issue:

Situation = Skywest pushed back into the alley. Issued a command to taxi to R9 via B. Aircraft pushes back further in a weird way ... see the following images for a visual reference:

image 1 | image 2 | image 3

2) Cargo aircraft Taxi to R9 issue ...

When giving the command to taxi to R9 via F, C4, B4, B, B10 (shown with yellow arrows in screenshot below) ... the aircraft acknowledges the command but completely stays still.

The cargo aircraft from the ramp can taxi down C, C6, B6, B to R9 without issues (after giving command taxi to R9). I managed to get another cargo plane to taxi to R9 via, C, D, B (as shown in the screenshot below).


3) Cargo aircraft doing 360s prior to entering R9 when giving commands to line up and wait OR cleared for takeoff (the latter sometimes works but the former certainly happens all the time).

See image 1 and image 2

I ran the bat file as admin and have provided the game log (attached).


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1. with the planes doing 360s during the push that the AI of the tugs. You will see that across the whole game

2. For the cargo problem, what command are you using

I did look at the log file you provided but it doesn't give any information. For example the log should look something like this output_log (1).txt

The log give information that the devs can look at to see what could be causing the problem. you can find the out put log under C:\SteamClient\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data look for the file called output log

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