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Tower!3D Pro - KJFK - Unable to Taxi from 22 L/R to terminal 8


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Been playing a little with 3.1d and really like the taxi improvements. However, I have run into one issue at KJFK For planes landing on 22L and 22R that need to go to terminal 8, the sim cannot calculate their route. I've tried issuing the generic TAXI TO RAMP command along with specific routes, but to no avail. This definitely worked prior to 3.1d as this airport is part of the latest challenge on Tower_MP.  

Attached it a log with an arrival on 22L and 22R. 

Thanks, Craig


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Ive got the exact same problem, AA won't go to his gate. The new pathfinding system works great and fast but sometimes a bit to aggressive. I can give jet blue and order to taxi to his gate via J Z, but the path it takes is J Z G B which annoys me because i want to keep G free for departing aircraft. Also it would be great if we knew the terminal assignment before we give the taxi instructions...

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I don't think the problem is just from the 22 runways, I'm struggling to get 31R landings into the same terminal and I'm having to taxi everything via A even where it's a much longer route. For AA flights I can't even get them from V to the terminal.

When you issue a taxi via B command the yellow highlight on B taxiway on the ADIRS has a break in it near to the intersection with T (just to the right as you look on ADIRS). I wonder if that's linked to the difficulties with taxiing? 

EDIT: And looking at A taxiway there's a similar break around the R intersection, which might indicate why nothing can taxi there from the 22s.

PS - first post but love the game.

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Hello everybody

Since a new update came out, new bugs appeared:

1 Why are the planes, and indeed the freighters, no longer running on runway 13R, 4L or 22R?

2 If I want to drive an airplane from the runway direction terminal, for example, LAN XXXX Taxi to Terminal via A. It drives as I indicated, but on Terminal 8 it drives over R and S, why is that?

3. If I have a plane the A380 for example DHL XXXX runway 13R via A Q. Before that are the way driven and now turn the already in front of the taxiway M and not more Q PF what's going on there?

You managed to do that with the crash, but that the planes could drive back and forth or they could not find the route, so this is really going too far. The planes are snouting at muzzle what is it now for an M is.

We did not test the patch?
Will he just go crazy?

Then something new for you the AirBerlin and FlyNiki are no longer the have been discontinued. This was said in Austria in the media and is already fixed.
Therefore, Germanwings has now taken over the flights from Air Berlin.
FlyNikki was taken over by LauderAir and MyAustrian Airlines.
Austrian Airlines is now baptized in MyAustrian Airlines.
Tui has also taken over some flights from FlyNikki and Air Berline.
After my search for the internet on the Internet I discovered something there is EVA Caraoge, you can look here for DHL Caraoge under this link:

The nexte what is coming now is that Vienna International will soon get a 3 start and runway sommit then land not only B777, B763, A333, A346, A321, A320, etc. but also B 747 and the A380. Since Vienna International has been a hub for some years already.

I ask you finally get it inb handle and it is time to make a new schedule. I would like to do it myself but I do not know myself in the programming or what commands I have to insert because there is no tutorial.




Tower3D Fehlernew001.JPG

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On 5.2.2018 at 11:11 PM, Michi10 said:

2 If I want to drive an airplane from the runway direction terminal, for example, LAN XXXX Taxi to Terminal via A. It drives as I indicated, but on Terminal 8 it drives over R and S, why is that?

The same happened to me today at JFK. Interestingly, after letting ABX552 stop short of NC and instructing it to taxi to the ramp via A T, it did. Other problems were AAL flights finding the path from the E exit of runway 13L to terminal 8 via S or T (like AAL20 or AAL1280 in the log). I sometimes needed to just say "taxi to ramp", and they almost immediately found the path, while saying "taxi to ramp via B T" before - producing the same path! - did not work or didn't happen within the same time. All that while sending planes to their destination gate at NC/TA worked perfectly. Going through the log I noticed "taxi to ramp" produced a calculated route with multiple mentions of B like "E, B, B, B, T, T8_apron, T8_38" (AAL20) or "D, B, B, B, T, T8_apron, T8_40" (AAL1280). ABX552 produced a similar route from A at NC when instructed to "taxi to ramp via A T": "A, A, A, T, T8_apron, T8_32".

(Don't be surprised about the gaps in the game.log - I had to shorten it, because it was an 8-hour session, and the game.log was 14M, but I made sure to provide all lines including the flight numbers mentioned...)




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