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SuperTrafficBoard V4.0.2018.03100 Update for Prepar3D-V4.0 and V4.1

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Important Note: The updates below are for Prepar3D V4.0 and V4.1 only.  We recommend you consider updating your Prepar3D to V4.2 so you can utilise the new AI view features introduced in STB Update V4.2.2018.05000, and all future STB development will be focussed on 4.2 and above.  For more details concerning this update, please see the following:


SuperTrafficBoard V4.0.2018.03100 Update for Prepar3D-V4.0 and V4.1

For the STB V4.0 client, you must have the STB V4 client product already installed. The update can be found at:


And the STB V4.0 Data Server for those of you running STB Client and Prepar3D-V4 on separate computers is can be found here (both an update for existing installations and a standalone installer):



Summary of changes:

⦁    Remove the STBTag from add-on.xml if it exists, which resulted in the simulator reporting content errors (just cosmetic rather than functional).
⦁    Fixed bug preventing the Prepar3D SimConnect Client version being reported in settings notebook.
⦁    Removed AIRound indicator, and some of the code associated with AIRound.
⦁    Fixed length of "Page" indicator so it displays the full text of "page x of y" when using STB without scroll bars.
⦁    Added "Do not Change" option to the list of views available to change automatically to when commanding follow/shadow AI.
⦁    Improved behaviour of board in response to user repositioning during FollowAI: Flights are no longer predicted nor auto select closest airport re-evaluated each time the user aircraft is moved by Follow AI.  Note we cannot prevent the SimStopped and Simstarted callbacks when the reposition occurs, which is seen on the board as a short lived updated to the heading text.
⦁    Fixed bug where departures that had left reality bubble did not get an updated departure remarking referring to yesterday when midnight is crossed.
⦁    Fix for STB Warp Replacements not reconciling to a predicted flight.  Changed flight plan lookup to use the flight plan ID rather than the schedule id.
⦁    Fix for terminated flights not being removed when switch to "Summary" display mode.
⦁    Rewrote context menu generator to fix the availability of various options in various scenarios (in particular for completed and terminated arrivals)




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