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Desktop Aviator, IRIS Vulcan, and FSUIPC Questions

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I'm using the IRIS Vulcan and planning to build a hardware fuel control panel.  In the Vulcan, there are around 20 switches, or so, on this panel.  Desktop Aviator (www.desktopaviator.com) has hardware cards that interface with FSUIPC and FSX, allowing one to build such a panel.

I'm having trouble assigning a given hardware switch to the software fuel panel switches in the IRIS Vulcan software.  In FSUIPC, the list of assignable values seem to be for the default FSX, and not for add-ons like the Vulcan.  In other words, it does not list the 20+ fuel switches and their assignable states.

Can anyone indicate how I can get FSUIPC to read the values that the IRIS Vulcan generates (i.e., Fuel Tank #3 Forward Pump = On, or something like that), so that I can assign it to the hardware switches?  Thanks for any assistance.

p.s. IRIS doesn't answer their tech support emails or Facebook, so I can't ask them.  Thanks.

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Many addons use custom code outside of the default. It would be impossible for FSUIPC to include a list of everything for every addon. 

I expect the Vulcan fuel panel uses a mixture of default and custom code. You'll probably need to write some simple custom code yourself to interface with Iris code. 

Have a look at LINDA (https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/424-linda

That may make assigning the switches easier and it includes an excellent tracer to  find out what actually happens when switches etc are operated. 

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Hi DaveG,

Thank you for replying.  Ughhh... too bad it isn't easier to relate a switch action in the add-on aircraft to something that FSUIPC recognizes!  FSUIPC is such a great program, but I certainly understand this roadblock.  It makes sense that there's no way to know what every add-on does under the hood.  I'll probably give up on the fuel panel... too many other things to build.  Thank you again!

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I don't know if you are aware, but Justflight have a Vulcan in development that looks set to be a step or two up from the old Iris model both in terms of modelling and systems. No idea how far off it is, but it may be worth looking at.

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