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ERJ 175 Spoiler will not deploy

Roger C

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I press my assigned keyboard key for Spoiler-the Pedestal view shows the spoiler lever going to the extend position but the airspeed does not reduce and exterior views show the spoilers still stowed.  They work just fine on landing just not in the air.

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Here is the log..assuming this is the one needed.  Frankly, screenshots are only going to show what I described-the spoiler handle in the extended position but the spoilers are still stowed in  exterior views and on the EICAS diagram of spoiler/flaps extended. As well, there is no reduction in airspeed or indication of trending on the airspeed tape.


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This has happened a few times but the most recent was descending through 8000' down to 4000' at 1500fpm with throttles at idle.  Airspeed had been set to 210, and had been there during the early part of the descent.  It rose to 260 at which time the speedbrake deployment was initiated. 

I have also experienced it during level flight on approach prior to glideslope capture when airspeed would not decrease (from 200 kts to a desired 160 kts) so speedbrakes were commanded but unable to deploy eben though the lever was in extended position.

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