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New feature in next update, "Optimise by Schedule"

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The next update includes a new optimisation technique to add to all those already there.  Here we have "Optimise by schedule", this works through your list of departures (materialised departures, i.e. those with an actual AI aircraft in the simulator not future ones waiting for an arrival to be turned around), and deletes AI until all schedules are separated by at least a minimum number of minutes.  This is great if you have a busy airport with real world schedules, which can often mean several aircraft depart at the same time causing taxiway and runway bottlenecks.  Here's an example.....

1) We start off with YSSY using ORBX FTX AU AI.  As far as I know, this is real world schedule based.  Plenty of AI materialised departures leaving at similar or exact times.



2) Now let's tell STB to work through this list and ensure all departures are at least 5 minutes apart:


You can change the schedule gap as you see fit.  After the command has done it's work, here what's the departures now look like with everyone separated by 5 or more minutes:


You can do this as often as you like, for example if arrivals turning around into next leg departures start overwhelming the time slots again.  It can also be used with the other optimization techniques, for example deleting all departures due to leave after X minutes from now, and reducing the number of AI in the simulator by X percent.





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