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AP ALT Pitch wheel can't assign to stick

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I have the Flysimware C402 Cessna.  I'm trying to assign the AP alt pitch wheel to my Saitek x52 stick.  On the Flysimware's site they said use (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP) and (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_INC_DN) to change the pitch when autopilot's on.  In FSUIPC you have the control numbers for the ap pitch ref inc up and down.  So I assigned C66584 to R0, 8 and C66583 to RO, 9, but it doesn't work.  I still have to use the mouse to adjust the pitch when climbing or descending.  The pitch wheel is on the pedestal below the throttles, making it difficult to use the mouse and watching out side.  That's why I want to use buttons.  I have the latest registered FSUIPC for FSX: SE.

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4 hours ago, johnk515 said:

In FSUIPC you have the control numbers for the ap pitch ref inc up and down

FSUIPC uses the FS names for all the FS controls. The numbers are only the internal representation. You should assign to the names in the drop-down assignments list. 

The names (after the K:) are in fact those very ones you state.  As a test, try using the Sim itself to assign keyboard presses to those entries in its list and test, because I'm pretty sure the K: part simple means "Key Event", which is what FS lists for assignment.



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