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Keypress from Client not recognised by FSUIPC?

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Hi Pete

My setup is as follows:

- 6 computer setup incl. 3X visual PC's, 2 X avionics, and 1 "admin" PC.

- Windows 10 all

- P3D v3 on the 3 visual PC's

- Latest (for P3D v3), registered FSUIPC and Wide FS on all 3 visual Pc's

- Prosim 2.01b25


What I am trying to do is ostensibly really simple, but challenging, it seems, in practice. I want to be able to send a keypress from a client PC (the "admin" PC) to my server/flying PC, to be received by FSUIPC and converted to an offset, to be recognised by Prosim to generate a chime, and eventually, hopefully, a flashing light on the overhead.

My understanding from the maual is that you can only send a keypress from server to client with Wide FS, not the other way around. So, after some googling, I found a program called HotKeyNet, which seems to do the job of sending a keypress from client to server just fine. In case you are not familiar with this program, you essentially define the IP of the computer you are sending the keypress to, and you can also define the window to send it to. In my case, I have set it to the Prepar3D window. To test it, I opened a box in P3d which will receive a keypress (eg. assign keyboard shortcut dialog window), then i press the number "1" on the client (admin) PC, and surely enough "1" appears in the dialog box in P3D on the server PC. So far, so good.


Then I assigned the number "1" in FSUIPC under keypress, and created the offsets, and set Prosim to recognise this. To test this, I press "1" on the server PC, and sure enough, I hear my chime as expected. So far, brilliant.


The problem I have is that it seems FSUIPC will not recognise the keypress received by P3D from the client PC. I am guessing FSUIPC picks up keypresses directly from the Windows device, and is therefore not receiving the keypress sent to P3D by HotKeyNet. So, my questions are:

- Should FSUIPC recognise this keypress? If so, what I am missing?

- If my suspicion is correct that FSUIPC will not recognise this keypress, then how else can I get this to work?


I have heard using Lua scripts might be an answer. Trouble is my IT skills are about as good as knowing how to stick a USB plug into a USB socket, so I'm a bit worried that the solution may send my head into a spin. :-D  But if you have any idiot-proof solutions for me, and somewhere I should go and look, I would be very grateful.


Thanks in advance!!



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