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Hi Vic


I guess it would be nice if the existing evolved and just got better and better rather than being left as is but was just curious if there was anything else in the pipeline for ATC, for Tracon 2012 SE the couple of things I think it needs


1.) User settable winds from the config screen

2.) Ability to change the SID or STAR if necessary, there is currently a limitation whereby an inbound aircraft STAR may  take it directly to the runway not in use as opposed to giving a correct star based on winds for the duty runway

3.) GA IFR traffic from satellite airports follow SIDS on departure, currently they do not

4: Overfly traffic that's just transiting the sector


Other than those things I think its pretty dam good and a hell of a lot of fun so well done



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If I might add a thought or two. :)

  • All ATCSuite products
    • The entire suite of products should fully integrate with each other : Tower - Tracon - ARTCC
    • Customizable weather and ability to download current weather 
  • Specifically to Tracon
    • Allow custom GA traffic 
    • Update and add commands (expect runway on initial contact, traffic advisories, specific waypoint vs outer marker, etc.)
    • To see realistic traffic in SP mode, have AI control departures when user is controlling arrivals and vice versa
    • In MP mode, ability to breakdown controller positions (east/west/north/south, feeder/final) 
    • Hand-off to specific vs generic facility   

Just a few things off the top of my head. Thanks, Craig

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I would add support with Tower!3D Pro.  Ability to have online server with multiple online people.  New York Tracon and Tower!3D Pro Airports could have up to 8 controllers (Tracon Arrival/Departure) and Tower/Ground controllers for KJFK, KLGA, and KEWR.

Edit:  Forgot to add need to be able to set a custom push-to-talk key or button.

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it would be great too if the wind could be known in advance so the runways could be set up in preparation rather than having to click onto the start and take a look first then go back and set the correct active runways




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