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Any plans to add "Real traffic" and/or "Real colors" as DLC on Steam?

Kenneth Axi

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10 hours ago, VenturaGuy101 said:

The Steam options only work if you installed Steam to the default path.

True, but as in my case I just change the path by editing the single drive letter from C to F. At least you don't have to edit or find the full Steam path like a standard (non-steam enabled) installer, unless you've installed Steam to a strange location :-)

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On 2018. 02. 28. at 3:02 PM, Kenneth Axi said:

Just wondering if You have any plans to add these add-ons as DLC on Steam? Would be a lot easier for steam users to have the add-ons installed by steam in case of need for re-install the computer or anything.

Unfortunately no,  but we are trying to make the installation and updates more easier and simple, that's why we have made the new user-friendly installer.

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On 2/28/2018 at 10:40 PM, VenturaGuy101 said:

The Steam options only work if you installed Steam to the default path.

I am glad Real Traffic is not on Steam as I can control the install and use custom terminals and schedules that are not over written by Steam updates.

You can install the updates to the game if purchased through Steam no matter where you installed it.  Likewise as the only Steam Updates pushed out for this game come from the Dev's in the form of their Service Packs you do not have to worry about your files being overwritten.

Typically after an update you have to reinstall things anyway or download updated files to reinstall so its no different through Steam than stand alone.  I have two steam directories, one on an HDD reserved for games and one on my game SSD.  Tell the installer where the proper folder is and off you go :)

The installer tells you the final folder name anyway so you just have to plug in the first bits. 

If the installer was through Steam it would automatically download it and keep it synced (unless you tell it not to) in the background through the Steam DLC options.  The Mod Devs said they have no plans to put it on Steam but most mods are hands off there. 

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