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Gear command PMDG 737

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Good day.

I have been trying everything I know now to try to get two switches, one for gear up and one for gear down to send the command to PMDG.
Have built my own landing gear module and other panels. So far the codes given have all worked and I use the "Select for FS control" and then choose "Custom control" for all events.
I got a list of numbers for switches and commands and so far everything has worked, but not the landing gear operation. Have tried to use the 70087, 74183, 74184 with all variations. Nothing happens.
The opnly thing that happens is that the gear lever goes from locked to unlocked if I use 70087 and set parameter -1.
Else, nothing happens.
There must be a command for this.
Have also tried to add 455, 4551, 4552 but still nothing happens.

What is wrong here?

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Sorry, I don't use PMDG aircraft. But I'm pretty sure the normal FS gear controls work with PMDG aircraft as well as thir "custom controls". Have you tried those?

For the PMDG custom controls you need to refer to the ".h" document in the SDK folder installed with your aircraft. I believe the list is at the end. The parameters are, i think mouse codes, so quite complex, not simple 0 or 1.



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