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Stutters when handflying the E-jets in P3D 4.2


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why one system works and another system does not is just how FS and each system are ... joys of when IBM decided to allow 1000s of developers make software & hardware for the PC back in the early 80s.


now try turning down refresh rates for the plane's gauges using the configuration utility.

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Where can I find what version I have?

I even noticed that, when you move the controls whil you're at the gate. The fps drops too. No movement or anything, just standing still. I gues it has something to do with this rather than the scenery around the plane.

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This problem with all Feelthere products was introduced with P3D4.2 release. I was suspecting a Logitech wireless mouse driver  compatibility issue but I still have the problem with a classical wired mouse. Today I'm flying P3D4.5 and this problem makes me feel that I'm using a low end computer with FPS fluctuations down to 15 where any other addon including TFDi 717 or PMDG 747-8 are running very smoothly.

I hope the new E-jets will use another source code....


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