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KJFK SP2 taxi issues


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I just played a session at JFK with KJFK SP2 and Tower!3D Pro 3.3c. There were four findings.

1) While taxiing J A KE B F with holding short of KE and F, a JBU154 began circling on the intersection of B and F after "Continue taxi" instruction at F.


2) While taxiing J A KE B D A with holding short of KE and D, a JBU162 also began circling on the intersection of B and YA after "Continue taxi" instruction at KE (the next taxiway to hold short of would have been D).


3) I had a runway overrun operating 4L for departures. I didn't catch it with a screenshot, but I believe it was BAW178 that started rotating just after crossing the 22R threshold and ran into the displaced threshold area of 22R on a full-length 4L takeoff. Normally, this shouldn't happen. As far as I know aircraft in the opposite direction are only allowed to use it for the rollout after landing, but not for takeoff, just like they are only allowed to use the displaced threshold in the direction of the arrows for takeoffs, but not for landing. (Correct me, if I'm wrong.)


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9 hours ago, crbascott said:

J A KE B  - that is an interesting taxi route. Is that used in real life - did you pick that up listening to ATC?

Not really. The J/B intersection is a pretty hard right turn, at least in Tower3D, since the aircraft moves pretty far into it, so to not let it take forever I just use the double-back maneuvre that's quite common at Kennedy to get them moving out of the way and not cause problems with other ground traffic (at least it was until August 31, 2017, if you know what I mean; tbh, that guy is responsible for me being interested in ground control and buying the game).

(Btw.: Also on my wish list for the next Tower version is requesting the ramp entry/gate from the crew.)

8 hours ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

@DeltaVII, has this been happening repeatedly with the intersections? Could you verify if it happens with all A/C?

Thank you, 


For the B/F intersection I've seen it for the first time. At the B/YA intersection this has happened before with other aircraft types and airlines like Endeavor CR7 (when operating 22R@C via B D C).

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