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EDDM on Steam - No Files Installed (apparently the direct download is the same) - [Now Fixed]


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@FeelThere Ariel @FeelThere

The EDDM release on Steam of Tower3DPro contain no airport files at all.

No database, airfield, or menu files and their associated manifest files. ................... zilch, nada

(I do have the latest RT sp6v6 and EDDM Real Color installed)

I have verified the games files, and un-installed and re-installed via Steam many times, but get nothing.

Here is a short video also .......... 




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Dear Folks,

There is an issue with the Steam installer and we are working on it. It should be fixed within a few hours. Looks like we had some gremlins during the release and as  Blazemonger noticed it we made a mistake in the description too (that one is fixed already).

We are sorry and thank you for your patience


Vic & Co

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11 minutes ago, FeelThere said:

Dear Folks,

It's fixed now. Please turn off the DLC and re-enable it again for Steam to re-load it for you.

We are very sorry for this trouble and it should be OK now.

Thank you



Thanks for the quick fix Vic and to the rest of the Staff.

I can confirm that Steam is OK now



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